To ensure services are accessible to everyone, Ultimate Success and Wellbeing Psychology offers much lower rates than that recommended by the Australian Psychological Society. Please refer to the APS Recommended Fees.  Individual sessions are 60 minutes in duration.


Ultimate Success and Wellbeing Psychology offers Medicare rebates ($84.80 per session) for counselling/therapy for up to ten sessions per calendar year (groups and individuals). This requires a referral from a general practitioner or psychiatrist or paediatrician who will complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan. Your referring doctor will assess your progress after the first six individual sessions to determine whether you require a further four sessions.

Please ensure you have a referral from your doctor prior to your first appointment in order to receive Medicare rebates. Mental Health conditions covered by Medicare include:

For further information regarding Medicare rebates please refer to:  The Australian Psychological Society Medicare Referral Fact Sheet.

Medicare rebate claims can be processed online or by going to a Medicare branch. When you attend an individual or group session an invoice will be issued for you to claim the rebate.

Please note: You do not require a referral from your doctor unless you intend to claim a Medicare rebate. Medicare does not cover couple counselling.

Also, people who have appropriate extra covers in their private health insurance may be eligible for reimbursement. Please contact your health fund directly to determine your level of cover.

Payments are made in full at the end of each counselling session. Payments can be made by cheque or cash.

Cancellation Policy
Therapeutic interventions are most effective when undertaken on a regular basis and scheduled appointments attended. Please be aware that there may be a waiting list and appointments cancelled within less than 48 hours’ notice will incur a full session fee. Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances. This policy is representative of the industry standard within the Counselling/Psychology profession.

Please note: Medicare does not cover cancelled appointments.

If you would like to discuss how you can be assisted or to book an appointment please contact Ultimate Success and Wellbeing Psychology on 0447 388 565.