Sexual Disorders

Sexual disorders or sexual dysfunction disorders can be difficult not only for the individual but also for their partner if they are in an intimate relationship. There are four main types of sexual disorders: sexual desire disorders (lack of interest or desire for sexual fantasy or activity), arousal disorders (inability to experience sexual fantasies or desires in a normal situations that would produce sexual arousal such as virginal dryness), orgasm disorders or Anorgasmia (difficulty achieving orgasm) and pain disorders or Anorgasmia (mostly affect women: vaginal dryness, hormonal problems etc). There are several possible causes of sexual disorders psychological and emotional issues (depression, stress, anxiety), relationship problems (lack of trust, infidelity, conflict), medical problems (hormone depletion, insufficient regional blood flow) and extensive substance use.

Treatment may include therapy to determine if there are any underlying psychological or emotional issues, relationship counselling and medication such as hormonal therapy or viagra.